Ultra Trust, with an abiding interest in developing professional educational institutions and with the thirst to improve the life of down trodden people of the rural community, was started in the year 1992. The edifice of this trust stands

on the strong foundation values, ideas and rich culture and the credit for all this goes to
Smt. AR. RAMAYEE ACHI, Founder settler of this trust.


The Chairman and Managing trustee of Ultra trust, Prof. KR. ARUMUGAM,an academician par excellence, is a dedicated and inspiring personality works hard to achieve the mission of the trust every moment. The Academician Prof. KR. ARUMUGAM found that the development of human life pattern could be sophisticated by quality education and by amicable service. The trust therefore decided to develop, organize and maintain such educational institutions, which stands out by its infrastructure, faculty, facilities service and uplift of the nursing profession.


Dr. A. Babu Thandapani, another trustee and Vice Chairman is a postgraduate in Pharmaceutical Biotechnology, is deeply interested in updating the technical facilities of the institution. The trust is endeavored in almost all the faces and edges of pharma profession inclusive of education, community pharmacy, production, dispensing, hospital and clinical pharmacy, etc.